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Wild Life
26 GB
10 GB
English , Español, Polski, Français, Русский (Russiay), 日本語 (Jap), 中国人 (CH), 한국인 (Korean), عربي,
This repack is packed with the best animation mods from the community. The best modders were reunited in this one.
Only maps couldn't be uploaded due to its big size. Characters and custom animations are very present.

Extract all mods into the path mentioned inside "Instructions.txt" and you will be able to find it all in-game;
"Open a map > Edit Mode (TAB) > Custom Prop Collections"
If you don't find your mods inside it, extract the files inside the correct folders (Collection) and it should work the same way.

3D game with a lot of furry, monsters, futa, lesbian and gay sex.
• Added 14 new sandbox sex animations, see the full list here
• Added new character: Jekyll Palmer, leader of the Blackrock space pirates
• Added new outfit: Gourmand for Iljah and Ziad
• Added new outfits: Cocktail Dress, Greek Dress 1 + 2 and CybergirlB outfits for Aoi and Sonia
• Added sexy dance pose for Kira
• Added bun-style hair for Max, Sethro and Bol characters
• Added Karu grey pubic hair

• Resolved characters getting wet when cummed on and getting soaked with cum when getting wet
• Resolved loading screen disappearing a frame too early
• Resolved several cases of save game widgets displaying wrong data in save/load menu
• Resolved a case where characters had broken collisions after a cutscene
• Resolved NPCs loading with a different routine in some cases
• Resolved VR output not starting
• Resolved several instances of wrong collision meshes in the open world
• Resolved Koodie not being able to get to her destination
• Resolved pole position in pole dances
• Resolved Taurok disappearing while moving to Nugget
• Updated all warrior villager outfit textures (except warrior female) to now be uniform in their look
• Sandbox editor: Resolved event shortcut keys overriding input prop bindings
• Sandbox editor: Resolved duplicating poses not applying physics correctly
• Sandbox editor: Trigger boxes get hidden when toggling gizmos off
• Sandbox editor: Resolved event shortcut inputs not saving correctly
• Sandbox editor: Resolved undo history breaking when loading empty save in edit mode
• Various improvements to dialogues
• Various improvements to quests
• Various improvements to characters
• Various improvements to animations
• Various improvements to levels
Known Issues:
• Nav mesh generation is very slow for performance reasons, so NPCs can get stuck in the middle of their path, but will continue once the nav mesh is generated
• Some quest markers do not disappear
• Setting animation speed and amplitude to zero causes sex toys to disappear
• Clothes textures will not fully load in the character creator
• Physics break if you scale characters in the sandbox editor
• Rendering issue on moving characters - most noticeable on hair and clothing
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(New Ver.) (+ Animations) (Old Ver.) (+ Stable)

Klee Prank Adventure
3.40 GB
3.24 GB
Jean has grounded Klee for the last time! Join our protagonist in Mondstadt as she pranks Jean and the other Genshin girls - with a variety of lewd outcomes!

Hot Springs:
'THE FINALE!!!' ADDED, WITH 10 AREAS, 22+ ANIMATED SCENES + CUMSHOT CACOPHONY! (Includes every Mondstadt/Liyue/Inazuma girl you've unlocked)
Ending Sequence, Credits and Aftermath added
Kujou Sara added to Hotsprings
Talk to Sara (Tic-Tac-Toe) added
Attack Sara (Rude Awakening) added
Ei reworked w/ new Model and attack (the ol' one two) added
Keqing new Model and attack CG added
Fischl new Model and attack CG added

Message for the Shogun (Lift up 1) added
Message from the Shogun (Lift up 2) + Polaroid added

Mona's Cottage:
Mona Bunny Suit Outfit added
Talk to Mona Bunny Suit (Dodoco says...) added
Mona Bunny Suit ANIMATED Random Event (It's in my hair) added

Adventurer's Guild:
Add Ei to Hotsprings (See-Thru-Shard) reworked

Comfy Room:
Lumine static image replaced w/animation

3 new Finale voice lines added
Dion's Bonus (13 unused images) added to Cauldron (after completion)
Prank List + Co-Op prank list GUI added, click on the Prank-o-Meter at any time to check your progress!
Renamed all Co-Op pranks
Added a notification whenever a girl's title changes
Selectable Main Screen added (after completion)
FAQ added to main menu (after completion)

Notifications fixed
Ei Footjob added to Man's Bonus
Pump Room music bug fixed
Hu Tao Outfit bug fixed

In-Game Previews

Win Version (.EXE) MAC Version (.APP) Android Version (.APK)

The Sims 4 (Dodi Repack)
New Version
39.1 GB
37 GB
Old Version
29 GB
27 GB
Repack Info
After a month of overworking and rechecking mods; updating mods and keeping everything straight, it's released our second version This newly made repack contains almost all the main animations available until now and some old ones which were removed from the community by its original authors.
The old version contains some fetishes that couldn't be included in the new versions since the framework stopped supporting them, but only 'Zoophilia' isn't available.
The new version contains all fetishes from the old version and much more were included. BDSM items and strapons were also added to this version, as well as interactable cum meshes etc.
Also The Sims 4 is updated to its almost latest version available until December 2023.
[+] The Sims 4 updated until December 2023;
[+] WickedWhims updated until December 2023;
[+] All mods updated to its latest version;
[+] Old mods restored and kept from the old version;
[+] Almost 10,000 animations available now;
[+] Tools to help you install everything automatically.
In-Game Previews

New Version (More Animations, Latest Game Update, Old Mods)
Old Version (Old Mods)

Beauty and the Thug
6.91 GB
6.53 GB
English, Español, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Português
By the time she was eighteen, our heroine knew everything about her future. She was the best student in her high school and knew anatomy and physiology like the back of her hand. Being a doctor was her dream, her passion. But everything changed in one moment.
Added two game days (finished Week 3)
Initiated Amy (lesbian) route
Progress of Watersport Fetish from 25% to 50% (avoidable)
Added numerous beach events with old and new characters
Added a few dozens of new hints to help with new content
Added 7 new gallery entries
Over 1,500 new renders and 13 animations
Two new audio tracks
Fixed numerous bugs

Added five game days
New Sandra events (for Sandra-lover and Sandra-friend)
New gynecologist event
New library event
New work event
New game feature: final stats screen
New game feature: ability to skip Prologue, the first day, or the first week after the first playthrough
New game feature: game hints. Now, if you get stuck, you can see suggestions what you can do in your current situation. There are 287 hints in total.
Significant progress of Anal Play - from 46% to 75%
New toy: an inflatable buttplug
Now, Lisa can wear Ben Wa Balls or Buttplug during most of her home routine and some outdoor actions.
1800 new renders and 50 animations
Fixed some bugs, no GH on Hunter’s route
Updated game gallery
German and Italian translations
In-Game Previews


Yuri University
4.9 GB
4.5 GB
Yuri University is a sandbox, stat-managing style visual novel, with 5 main girls for you to get to know however you'd like, plus several side characters that you can seek out or encounter through random events.
New content:
Outfits have been implemented. You can now buy an outfit to take pictures of each main character wearing.
These need to be bought from the in-game shop first.
New background image of clothes section of shop added.
Preview images added, so you can see the outfit before deciding to buy it.
Some outfits require the purchase of the new “green screen" item first.
If you previously bought the outfit item for a particular character, it will automatically be updated to the new version.
If the new outfit requires the green screen, you will also be automatically given that.
BFF: “bad-girl” outfit added.
13 images.
Ashley: “beach” outfit added.
18 images.
Requires green screen.
Ezri: “innocent look” outfit added.
17 images.
Requires green screen.
Hannah: “cowgirl” outfit added.
18 images.
Requires green screen.
Scarlett: “cosplay” outfit added.
18 images.
Requires green screen.
Morning telly with Ashley and Hannah, scene 2, has been added.
After reaching at least relationship level 4 with both of them, go to the living room on a Saturday morning.
72 images, 13 animations.
New morning random event with Ashley.
18 images
Two conversation variants.
New features:
A new “Cheats” option has been added to the player bedroom menu.
Cheats require a code to use.
Cheats include:
Money: +£100/+£1000
Player stats: +25 to knowledge, lewdness or voyeurism.
Character affection: +25.
Convenience: instantly reach the end of a book you own, warp to the day before the next big exam (currently only available to warp to day 29, and only after the first week).
There are two levels of codes, one unlocking the money cheats, the other unlocking all cheats. These are available as rewards for certain tiers at
Bug fixes:
Fixed Scarlett’s locations at the weekend not correctly being updated.
Fixed autosaves not working correctly.
Fixed replays of several side events not having music.
In-Game Previews

Windows (.EXE) Android (.APK)
Lust Is Stranger
1.05 GB
874 MB
The natural flow of events in a small town school starts to derail when a new student wakes up, in a classroom not knowing exactly how he ended up there. While exploring the place, he discovers this strange incident seems to be affecting everyone around, and now it's up to him to decide how he will tackle (or take advantage of) the situation.
In-Game Previews