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Yuri University
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Yuri University is a sandbox, stat-managing style visual novel, with 5 main girls for you to get to know however you'd like, plus several side characters that you can seek out or encounter through random events.
New content:
Outfits have been implemented. You can now buy an outfit to take pictures of each main character wearing.
These need to be bought from the in-game shop first.
New background image of clothes section of shop added.
Preview images added, so you can see the outfit before deciding to buy it.
Some outfits require the purchase of the new “green screen" item first.
If you previously bought the outfit item for a particular character, it will automatically be updated to the new version.
If the new outfit requires the green screen, you will also be automatically given that.
BFF: “bad-girl” outfit added.
13 images.
Ashley: “beach” outfit added.
18 images.
Requires green screen.
Ezri: “innocent look” outfit added.
17 images.
Requires green screen.
Hannah: “cowgirl” outfit added.
18 images.
Requires green screen.
Scarlett: “cosplay” outfit added.
18 images.
Requires green screen.
Morning telly with Ashley and Hannah, scene 2, has been added.
After reaching at least relationship level 4 with both of them, go to the living room on a Saturday morning.
72 images, 13 animations.
New morning random event with Ashley.
18 images
Two conversation variants.
New features:
A new “Cheats” option has been added to the player bedroom menu.
Cheats require a code to use.
Cheats include:
Money: +£100/+£1000
Player stats: +25 to knowledge, lewdness or voyeurism.
Character affection: +25.
Convenience: instantly reach the end of a book you own, warp to the day before the next big exam (currently only available to warp to day 29, and only after the first week).
There are two levels of codes, one unlocking the money cheats, the other unlocking all cheats. These are available as rewards for certain tiers at patreon.com/chekkingames.
Bug fixes:
Fixed Scarlett’s locations at the weekend not correctly being updated.
Fixed autosaves not working correctly.
Fixed replays of several side events not having music.
In-Game Previews

Windows (.EXE) Android (.APK)
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