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Monster Girl Hunt
1.58 GB
229 MB
Thrust yourself into the world of Monster Girl Hunt, a world where modesty is a rarely used word and monsters roam the woods. Explore this top down world, battle in high quality turn based encounters where the ultimate goal is to strip your opponent. Help these monsters win and you they will reward you with animated erotic encounters.​
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Harem Hotel
12.1 GB
11.9 GB
English, Español
You've inherited your grandfather's hotel on a foreign continent where everything seems fine on the surface, but rarely is. Develop relationships, skills and your hotel, with 18 beautiful and fleshed out characters. Harem Hotel includes hundreds of fully animated and uncensored lewd scenes, an array of stats, traits, outfits, and upgrades to buy and unlock, dozens of hours of content, over 1,030 unique events, over 32,500 HD images, and way, way more to come.
Added a total of 52 scenes
Added tip screens
Added new music to repeatable dates
Added new music to repeatable sex
Added new music to repeatable exhibitionism, both beach and cafe
(You may access a library of this music by talking to Ally in Android's room)
Added "Last Time on..." screens to catch you up

2 Story Events

1 Story Event
Added repeatable sex scenes to Kim & Ami at the hot springs
Added 'Request Nudes' feature while Kali is at Papa Ron's or University
1 Event
1 Event

2 Story Events
Updated 'Request Nudes' feature

1 Story Event/Sex Scene
1 Sex Event

1 Story Event
Remade her 12th event
Remade her 13th event
Remade her 15th event
Remade her 16th event
Remade her 17th event
Remade her 18th event
Remade and combined her 19th and 20th event
Remade her 21st event
Remade her 23rd event
Remade her 24th event
Remade her 25th event
Remade 3 repeatable anal animations
Added 5 outfits to her repeatable anal animation
Added 7 outfits to her repeatable boobjob animation
Added 5 outfits to her repeatable blowjob animation
Remade her Form 1 Alarm (now optional with Form 2)
Remade 7 repeatable vaginal animations
Added 4 outfits to her repeatable vaginal animation
Added 5 new outfits to Android
Added Interactions in the new outfits
Added Freestyle Sex

Felicity & Emma:
1 Story Event/Sex Scene
Added 'Request Nudes' feature to Felicity and Emma

1 Story Event

1 Event

Explore Content:

Bernie's Bowling Bar:
Added the Bowling Tournament
1 Event

The Park (NEW!):
2 Events

The Slums:
2 Events
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Rick and Morty: Another Way Home
1.06 GB
909 MB
Play as Morty as he tries to find a way home through sexy adventures in another universe!
No sandbox! Expanded and extra scenes! Finishing choices for many sequences! New dialogue and story reworks!
BUGFIX (r3.8.2):
Fixes and issue with the skip options causing an error.

Day 18: 1 New Beth Scene!
Day 33: 2 New Summer Scenes!
Day 3: Expanded Foot Event in "Truth or Dare".
Day 27: New Morticia Sleep Scene.
Day 37: New Animation(s) for "Cumming Clean".
Day 38: New Scene for Wild Summer at the waterpark.
Day 39: New Scene for Space Christmas day.

Change Logs are now in the game under the Information button (labeled as Update), so if you want to see when a version was released and with what, it is now part of the game! Including this note you are reading right now!
Day Selector can now display what scenes were added/updated in which game versions.
Scene Selector now displays the name of the day of the week.
Preferences menu now has an option to change where Update Badges appear. They can be shown in Day/Scene Select and Mindblowers. Or only in Mindblowers. Or turned off completely.
Animation added for: 1st, New, Update, and Dialogue buttons on the Day/Scene Selector(s). These animations are also in the Mindblowers too.
A new update identifier has been added: "Dialogue", that will appear in Day/Scene Select and Mindblowers. This tag will appear when a scene has undergone major re-writes or had major dialogue changes, but contains no new art/events.
You can now disable quit confirmation from Preferences, allowing you to exit the game without having to click "Yes".

Major file restructure, elements from scripts.rpy have been moved to several subfiles. images_characters.rpy has been slipped into several subfiles.
Major rework to the way scene selector functions under the hood. Hopefully this change will help prevent save issues in the future. Also changed how it handles thumbnails for scenes.
Gallery changed over to use thumbnails the same way as everything else. Should result in less re-publishing of thumbnails.
Changed how show/hide works with the quick bar button. It now functions more like "h" and no longer displays a "show" button to turn menus back on.
Unity's Mindblower Model updated to look slightly less jank.
Day 30: Wild Summer event split in two for Scene Selector. Mindblower no longer plays the intro "Red Portal".
Day 31: Added image of Morty sleeping, was weird he wasn't in the scene.
Day 38: Added missing tumble art to Deep End scene (no update badge, too minor).
Additional typo correction and adjustments throughout to match with some of the new content.

Day is always Sunday hotfix applied to the full game.
Entering an Empty nickname or petname for Summer or Morticia no longer causes the game to crash.
MindBlowers: Morticia - Corrected her wonky pupil.
Scene Selector: Corrected incorrect background art for garage on days 8, 9, 13, 18, and 28.
Day 11: Beth Sleeping - Variables and conditionals updated to track correctly.
Day 11: Sleeping Summer - Molested is no longer always "no".
Day 11: Sleeping Summer - The first (END) menu also showed (Skip) reminder, adding confusion as to what was happening. Removed.
Day 12: Morticia no longer repeats the line about kissing the pillow twice.
Day 15: New Cheerleader - During the first locker scene, Reka had misaligned blink animations when she is bent over and you're unable to see her face.
Day 15: Foot Fuck - Dialogue corrections.
Day 17: Hands Free Mode - Summer's eyeblinks were misaligned when the car starts pulling her pants down, same with the pose immediately afterwards.
Day 17: Midnight Snack - Beth's vaginal creampie image activated a few sentences before you actually make the choice to do so.
Day 20: Gazorpazorp - Morticia now leaves when you ask her to.
Day 20: Gazorpazorp - Baby's eyes opened before being taken off to sleep.
Day 20: Gazorpazorp - When Sandra agrees to be your sex partner in the arena, there's an entire dialogue about Morty not ejaculating even though he clearly ejaculates with Lisa in every option. Removed!
Day 20: Mixed Messages - Corrected Tricia Dialogue.
Day 21: Kidnapped - Corrected wrong name for Rick (vs female rick).
Day 22: The Gift - The image of Kiara's jizz covered ass no longer flashes on screen for a single frame during the cumming animation.
Day 24: 3-Way - Part of Tricia's body was missing during the animation in the Summer section
Day 24: 3-Way - If you choose to pullout, Tricia's eyeblink animations stayed on the bed even when she's not there.
Day 24: Doctors Orders - Morty's arms were a weird length while holding Beth's butt.
Day 24: Doctors Orders - With the condom on, after cumming inside, the wrong layers were shown.
Day 25: Sleepover - Summer's eyeblinks also became misaligned at this line. The blinks for when her head is positioned up and down needed to be swapped.
Day 26: Almost Caught - If you use a condom, it disappeared in the 1st blanket x-ray image, then reappeared for the animation.
Day 27: Beth Bot - Missing image corrected.
Day 30: Whip It Good - Morty's Nazi armband was missing the arrow symbols. Beth's arrow symbols were also missing in the following scene.
Day 33: Punishment - If you choose to pullout while not wearing a condom, the vaginal animation continued despite the dialogue implying otherwise.
Day 36: Snuggles - If you chose "Wake her up (Skip)" a second layer of animation played and overlapped the bottom layer incorrectly.
Day 36: Ghosts - Morty's lubed dick no longer disappears.
In-Game Previews

All taken from the repack:
The Imperial Gatekeeper

Yuri University


H-Games and H-Animations for Patreons
All Uncensored

2 Great Games w/ Fully Unlocked Gallery + 6 Animations w/ Finish (Cum)


The Imperial Gatekeeper

Yuri University

Will be available to the Public on 16/05/2022!
Or you can help me buying the $1 Patreon Tier - gaining access to multiple Repacks!