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Custom Order Maid 3D2 + Custom Maid 3D
COM 3D2 + CM 3D
170 GB
148 GB
COM 3D2 only
94 GB
74 GB
English, Japanese
Repack Info
After years, it's over. It was demanding, but we can finally enjoy this japanese market game with no harms and full compatibility on every mod existing.
It comes with Custom Maid Order 3D2 and Custom Maid 3D (japanese version of the game) including all DLCs and patches I could find.
Remember that the game continues to be updated, so keep your eyes at their site. Don't forget to read the "COM Documentation" - it's like the "HF Patch" for AA2.

Some Mod Tools are included, so if you know how to mess with it - please, don't hesitate to.
Apart of coming with no mods - which I didn't redistribute - the game is ready to play.
I suggest you to join the official Custom Maid Order Discord Server.Under 'mod repositories' and 'meido_mods' you will be able to download every mod from the community.All items from my screenshots belong to their modders, which I'm deeply grateful.
And stay with me in this journey...
In-Game Previews


Bunnycop On-Duty
85 MB
70 MB
You may want to help her in the investigation.
Lovense patterns added on all scenes, and Lovense vibration to interactions
Restores the Christmas accessories for the wall and limo scene. Added additional accessories including Halloween themed accessories
All animation has choreographed vibration on android
Bunnycop x Gideon interaction in a new scene, with guest art by Siroc! (
Full cowgirl position scene with selectable dialog variations
Boob rubbing, kissing, butt slapping and when enabled, foot licking. Licking actions while the scene is playingImplemented the cum outside option, with unique ending dialogsUpdated art and some accessories to fit Siroc’s art style.
Select between Gideon and Human – Fox related dialog is disabled when using the guy body.
4 Variations including NTR dialog for this scene
Fixed versioning numbers
Full new footjob interaction with 3 variations (0.4.5)
Judy has a set of foot rubbing movements and paw massaging movements she will go through in each variation
19 new spoken dialogs (3 of them being NTR)
Full Anal Sex interaction with 5 variations, in the new Limo scene. Cum inside ass / outside on her body and face variation added (0.3.5).
Internal view / X-Ray optional view in the limo scene
Fully voiced thighjob scene where the dick is rubbing over Bunnycop’s whole body (0.3.8)
Kink bars, interactions done between all scenes will keep track of how kinky Bunnycop is to a particular interaction
The limo scene is the only one to truly take advantage of this so far, as she has unique dialog sets depending on how low or high the bars are. All bars can be maxed out, but a quick reset button just for the bars is added to the menu if you’d like to hear more dialog from here
Each interaction has 10-20 variations depending on kink bar level
Full blowjob scene with 3 unique start and 4 unique finishing dialogs. Cum on face, or down her throat.
Spitroast option in the wall for both actions at once
Full sex scene with cum inside or outside option
Kissing, pussy licking, ass licking, foot licking, and butt slapping with a handful of responses
Limo scene has kissing, ass licking, paw licking, foot licking (enabled in menu), boob slapping (futa licking with code enabled)
Dialog options
Wall Scene – 2 regular dialogs, 1 (soft) ntr dialog, 1 ‘limited’ dialog where she speaks less.
Limo Scene – 5 variations, stronger ntr dialog (enabled in menu)
Thighjob – 3 Variations, 1 ntr, 1 foot focused dialog (optional from menu)
Rural Farm – Currently 1 variation, with more in an update soon.
Boob size options
Customizable male character: Furry, Pale, Ghost Dick options
Eye options and behavior settings
Handful of legging and face accessories
Full Subtitles
In-Game Previews

Windows (.EXE) Android (.APK) (76.8 MB)
Seal of Lutellaria

89.5 MB
57.5 MB
English, 日本語 (Jap), 中国人 (CH)
Somewhere, out in the world, during an era of uncertainty, lies a region called Lutellaria, located in the northwest of the Kingdom. Long before the history books were written, one could find a place there, surrounded by high walls. No one knows for what purpose they were built. However, what is know, is that entering those walls is exceptionally difficult, and that all those bold enough to venture inside, never return...
This is one such tale...
Advice from RBF:
Although we have some pussies around, the game is mainly focused in Futa-on-Futa.
There's no gay content, nor male characters. Females are in low numbers as well.
The kink can't be avoided, nor is skippable.
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Miri's Corruption
On Hold Indefinitely
6.01 GB
5.94 GB
You play as Miri, the unlucky recipient of a demonic lust mark.
Retain her purity (Increasingly less pointless) or indulge in debauchery with strange people and stranger creatures!
Five new Ari scenes, including the Miri-Dom ending. Sadly does not include the ending for the sub route.
All of the scenes, except for the Miri-Dom ending, are available during the Evening, in Ari's bedroom *after* having served supper for the lords.As for the Miri-Dom Ending, once you've done the two scenes leading up to it, you can get it at the alchemy table during midday.
In-Game Previews


Hole Dweller
38.3 MB
16.1 MB
Hole dweller is a sandbox incremental furry porn game!
You are the captain of a caravan, with spare rooms, not to worry there are plenty of cute and hot girls to fill them with.
The game is intentionally unbalanced at the moment shop prices are super low and the love stone gain is up the roof.
The game will be balanced once i think it is worth grinding through, use the cheat listed in the READ ME for a now.
Pheromone attacks can be "dodged" by either not pressing mouse buttons or holding both
Tweaked the sex minigame cursor visuals

Fixed crash when giving script swapper to player
Fixed player genderswapping when looping the game
Fixed exploit when using Oriana's combat skill on marked enemies
Added safeguard to avoid shop menu existing when drilling
Fixed pheromone attacks not working
In-Game Previews