[KISS] Custom Order Maid 3D2 + Custom Maid 3D


Custom Order Maid 3D2 + Custom Maid 3D
COM 3D2 + CM 3D
170 GB
148 GB
COM 3D2 only
94 GB
74 GB
English, Japanese
Repack Info
After years, it's over. It was demanding, but we can finally enjoy this japanese market game with no harms and full compatibility on every mod existing.
It comes with Custom Maid Order 3D2 and Custom Maid 3D (japanese version of the game) including all DLCs and patches I could find.
Remember that the game continues to be updated, so keep your eyes at their site. Don't forget to read the "COM Documentation" - it's like the "HF Patch" for AA2.

Some Mod Tools are included, so if you know how to mess with it - please, don't hesitate to.
Apart of coming with no mods - which I didn't redistribute - the game is ready to play.
I suggest you to join the official Custom Maid Order Discord Server.Under 'mod repositories' and 'meido_mods' you will be able to download every mod from the community.All items from my screenshots belong to their modders, which I'm deeply grateful.
And stay with me in this journey...
In-Game Previews

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