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Wild Life
26 GB
10 GB
English , Español, Polski, Français, Русский (Russiay), 日本語 (Jap), 中国人 (CH), 한국인 (Korean), عربي,
This repack is packed with the best animation mods from the community. The best modders were reunited in this one.
Only maps couldn't be uploaded due to its big size. Characters and custom animations are very present.

Extract all mods into the path mentioned inside "Instructions.txt" and you will be able to find it all in-game;
"Open a map > Edit Mode (TAB) > Custom Prop Collections"
If you don't find your mods inside it, extract the files inside the correct folders (Collection) and it should work the same way.

3D game with a lot of furry, monsters, futa, lesbian and gay sex.
• Added 14 new sandbox sex animations, see the full list here
• Added new character: Jekyll Palmer, leader of the Blackrock space pirates
• Added new outfit: Gourmand for Iljah and Ziad
• Added new outfits: Cocktail Dress, Greek Dress 1 + 2 and CybergirlB outfits for Aoi and Sonia
• Added sexy dance pose for Kira
• Added bun-style hair for Max, Sethro and Bol characters
• Added Karu grey pubic hair

• Resolved characters getting wet when cummed on and getting soaked with cum when getting wet
• Resolved loading screen disappearing a frame too early
• Resolved several cases of save game widgets displaying wrong data in save/load menu
• Resolved a case where characters had broken collisions after a cutscene
• Resolved NPCs loading with a different routine in some cases
• Resolved VR output not starting
• Resolved several instances of wrong collision meshes in the open world
• Resolved Koodie not being able to get to her destination
• Resolved pole position in pole dances
• Resolved Taurok disappearing while moving to Nugget
• Updated all warrior villager outfit textures (except warrior female) to now be uniform in their look
• Sandbox editor: Resolved event shortcut keys overriding input prop bindings
• Sandbox editor: Resolved duplicating poses not applying physics correctly
• Sandbox editor: Trigger boxes get hidden when toggling gizmos off
• Sandbox editor: Resolved event shortcut inputs not saving correctly
• Sandbox editor: Resolved undo history breaking when loading empty save in edit mode
• Various improvements to dialogues
• Various improvements to quests
• Various improvements to characters
• Various improvements to animations
• Various improvements to levels
Known Issues:
• Nav mesh generation is very slow for performance reasons, so NPCs can get stuck in the middle of their path, but will continue once the nav mesh is generated
• Some quest markers do not disappear
• Setting animation speed and amplitude to zero causes sex toys to disappear
• Clothes textures will not fully load in the character creator
• Physics break if you scale characters in the sandbox editor
• Rendering issue on moving characters - most noticeable on hair and clothing
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(New Ver.) (+ Animations) (Old Ver.) (+ Stable)

A House in the Rift
v0.7.2 r3 EA
7.15 GB
6.29 GB
English, Español, Русский
You were thrown into a dimensional rift and have no idea what to do. Nevertheless, other castaways from different realities join you one by one in order to form an everlasting bond of trust, friendship and physical intimacy.
Beautiful girls from various fantasy dimensions take care of you during the day, and then you go off exploring rift oddities through the night. And you can bake cakes with a succubus, wrestle with a giant voluptuous pirate captain, study magic with a young girl acolyte, and then do some extracurricular activities with them, too.Fall in love with the girls, fall in bed with them, and fall into the different rifts every night!
v0.7.2 r3
Set off the Xmas fireworks

v0.7.2 Early Access
See Naomi bouncing back
And letting Cait throw a punch
Help teach Cait some techniques related to ropes and knots
Check out Rae's remastered welcome blowie
Experience the afterhmath of Lyriel's last visit to Taena's inn
Help a poor hungry succubus fill up for the day
v0.7.1 Early Access
Rae requests a moment of your time
Lyriel asks, no, begs you to go back to Taena's
And gets concerned
You both meet a shady character
And then get to witness a curious scene
Additionally, get pinned down and sexed in the Halloween dream
Rae's first sex scene remaster delayed to 0.7.2, sorry, folks.
The story continues with a flashback and a social visit
And opening a bunch of narrow ether slits
Then Cait comes to you in the night
Help settle an argument (coming soon)
And take part in the first non-dream ffm scene (coming soon)
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Custom Order Maid 3D2 + Custom Maid 3D
COM 3D2 + CM 3D
170 GB
148 GB
COM 3D2 only
94 GB
74 GB
English, Japanese
Repack Info
After years, it's over. It was demanding, but we can finally enjoy this japanese market game with no harms and full compatibility on every mod existing.
It comes with Custom Maid Order 3D2 and Custom Maid 3D (japanese version of the game) including all DLCs and patches I could find.
Remember that the game continues to be updated, so keep your eyes at their site. Don't forget to read the "COM Documentation" - it's like the "HF Patch" for AA2.

Some Mod Tools are included, so if you know how to mess with it - please, don't hesitate to.
Apart of coming with no mods - which I didn't redistribute - the game is ready to play.
I suggest you to join the official Custom Maid Order Discord Server.Under 'mod repositories' and 'meido_mods' you will be able to download every mod from the community.All items from my screenshots belong to their modders, which I'm deeply grateful.
And stay with me in this journey...
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Teaching Feeling
2.07 GB
1.71 GB
English, 日本語 (Jap)
I became the guardian of a slave girl, who had been abused by her last owner. At first glance, when she was already with me, the situation we found ourselves in was strange. She was naturally distrusting, but through communication we became friendly. We made a connection, and we became friends. I bought her new clothes, and she wore them. As time passed, I started to feel something different... and thinking now I think... I have finished up fall in love with her. Life With a Slave -Teaching Feeling- revolves around the daily life of a doctor, who ends up becoming the guardian of a slave girl formerly abused by his last owner. As the game begins, the player is given options to which can determine the personality of doctor, over the days of the game.

Game is almost fully uncensored and translated. Check mods section for more details.
Translation Patch (Dialogue and UI)
Uncensor Patch (All Images)
Custom Clothes (Daily use)
Voice Mod (Moans etc.)
New ways to act in the Story Mode
In-Game Previews

Windows Version (.EXE) & Old Version (v2.5.2)

Android Version (.APK)


Being a DIK
Season 3
Season 1 and 2
30 GB
18.5 GB
Season 3
11 GB
18.5 GB
A young man from a low-income family moves away from his widowed father and his summer love to attend college at Burgmeister & Royce. As he is cast into freshman life and persuaded to join the up-and-coming fraternity Delta Iota Kappa, he'll be exposed to a new world filled with conflicts, alcohol, drugs and sex.
Added Episode 10 that includes
5868 renders
335 animations
8 2D-art pieces
4 2D-art animations
31 songs
66 sound effects

- Fixed a bug with using the middle mouse button or off button during Shuffle.
- Disabled rolling back and rolling forward while the phone is opened.
- Fixed a bug where the CHICK response on Elena's cluck would subtract one from the total number of CHICK actions instead of adding one.
- Fixed a bug with the Below Budget perk which increased the starting budget of the Halloween party by $5.
- Fixed an issue with Sarah's and Melanie's optional event in the final free-roam event.
- Fixed an issue with Sarah's optional event in the second free-roam event.
- Fixed an issue with the timer hampering performance during the drawing mini-game in the Interlude.
- Fixed an issue where a scene with Becky could happen after the first party activity, now it only triggers before this activity as intended.
- Fixed a bug where save names sometimes reverted to old save file names.
- Fixed a bug with the Wallpaper setting in the Settings app during the end of the Interlude that caused a crash.
- Fixed an issue where Maya's lewd scene was stored incorrectly.
- Fixed a bug with the truth or dare game that caused an omission of truth when asked how many you've slept with.
- Fixed an issue with Lily's gallery scene causing an emote to misalign the text chat.
- Fixed an issue with Lily's lewd scene where her tattoos were missing.
- Updated the description of the Multiplier Madness perk. It worked as intended but its description was off.
- Updated the snow effect in episode 9
- Corrected typos
In-Game Previews

Season 1 & 2 Gallery Unlocker + Cheats
Season 3
Seal of Lutellaria

89.5 MB
57.5 MB
English, 日本語 (Jap), 中国人 (CH)
Somewhere, out in the world, during an era of uncertainty, lies a region called Lutellaria, located in the northwest of the Kingdom. Long before the history books were written, one could find a place there, surrounded by high walls. No one knows for what purpose they were built. However, what is know, is that entering those walls is exceptionally difficult, and that all those bold enough to venture inside, never return...
This is one such tale...
Advice from RBF:
Although we have some pussies around, the game is mainly focused in Futa-on-Futa.
There's no gay content, nor male characters. Females are in low numbers as well.
The kink can't be avoided, nor is skippable.
In-Game Previews