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Aerisetta, the Succubus Princess, dreams of becoming the strongest fighter in the universe! Unfortunately for her, her succubus attacks only serve to sexually arouse her opponents...but perhaps she can still figure out a way to make them submit...

FEMTALITY is a fast paced, action packed side scrolling Team Based Beat Em Up that focuses on deep combat mechanics. If you like combos, air juggling, tag team combat, this is the game for you! As of 0.7.0 the game has over 300 FEMTALITY FINISHERS HCG scenes, Femdom Themed hentai scenes with dialogue that play when the player "finishes" of their enemies.
5 new LOSE SCENE videos fully Animated and Voiced for Aerisetta, Lisina, Varina, Yukari and Estrelle - All in Gallery
Some gameplay improvements based on feedback
Contrary to previous announcement, FEMTALITY will continue to be updated and not rebooted and a separate game will be made featuring a male MC called FEMTALITY X (for now). - thanks to everyone's feedback

9 New FEMTALITY Femdom Scenes (21 Renders)!
Reorganized Aerisetta FEMTALITY randomization.
There's no android version for 0.15.1, sorry. Pls wait for 0.15.2
8 New Estrelle Lust Rush Animations!

In-Game Previews


v1.42 beta
2.56 GB
2.39 GB
Can't find a date for the prom? Then order AmaZone's Alexa today! Our newest version of Alexa is a super sexy humanoid robot ready to follow your every command!
*AmaZone is not responsible for Alexa AI sentience or robo-hostility, follow user manual and set up to insure obedience in your sexy robot companion... or don't and see what happens...

All heavy fetishes in this game are optional and avoidable.
NTR, Futa, Furry etc. are optional scenes. Don't worry.
For new game: Side character loops can only be continued when the next side character is unlocked (i.e. Bailey can only be invited to a movie, once Ashley has been introduced)
Bailey's call to ask her to a movie has been removed (confused things, and had no unique images)
XXXmas triggers when all characters have been introduced (instead of loop 5)
Halloween triggers 5 loops after XXXmas (instead of loop 10)
Option to skip prom entirely by selecting Steve in the prom selection menu on day 6
Meiko's movie night and date night no longer requires Emily's Lesbian Zeta
Slight retcon to Mai's story, she is currently working at Ama-Zone R&D, not a TA
MC's gallery no longer opens on game >=2, it opens from the start to allow access to trophies
Alexa's sub/dom prom options are now selected at the computer on day 6 in a new image menus
Trophy notifications should pop up when a new trophy is earned
Added padding to the image menus so the last characters image is not cut off by the frame
Menu themes all have dynamic backgrounds, and the music changes with theme selection.
Themes have their own selection screen, only accessible in the main menu, which prevents theme changes affecting a loaded game
Hot tub options appear in loop 2
Mai is now introduced in loop 3 (much earlier in the game). This should help players get all of her scenes naturally before group prom
Lexxx events have been reordered (prank, gym, dildo call, hot tub, night visit) so they can be done in order, in one loop
Each Lexxx scene grants Lexxx corruption (Zeta term has been removed as it doesnt apply here)
Lexxx corruption max is now 5 (which is the new requirement for group prom) *might require repeating her scenes
Day 5 evening Lexxx scene has been coded smoother to allow for repeating the scene
Added a "to be continued..." screen to indicate the end of Phase 1
Added a button on the "Load" screen called "Auto Saves" which takes you to page 69
Game auto saves after selecting group prom to slot 1 page 69
Game auto saves before the end of phase 1 to slot 2 page 69
Added visual indicators on the gallery images for multi-level scenes that have not been fully unlocked yet (1/3, 2/3)
Fixed Maid scene coding to prevent progression in replays
Fixed trophy notifications that were not appearing
Moved the "replay event" text button to the right bottom of the screen to make it more obvious (both XXXmas and Halloween)
Added a MC Knowledge Zeta - Beta testers will need to replay the end of the narrative event to get the stat, or console command zmcknowledge=1
Added buttons to MC's stats screen to allow NTR and Futa content to be toggled on and off (In both cases, turning that content off hides indicators of missing content for that path) *this has caused a minor issue, in that you can scroll down to an empty screen in Alexa and Melvin's galleries. No fix yet, but just scroll up if you have either of the options disabled.
Consolidated the two gym menus. Added all "go alone" options to the main gym menu, and removed MC
Removed MC from the movie night menu, replaced with "Skip the movie" text button. Alexa and Emily have their own icon for Lesbian and Futa scenes
Fixed some mislabelled hints
Fixed Bailey's webcam clothing change scene was not viewable if you selected to skip laundry
Removed the option to skip post prom content. It's needed for the story, if you hate that being gone, let me know.

Mai's outfit has been modified to fit her role as a young professional at Ama-Zone
Mai side images have been updated to match
Tutorial scene - the option to play the tutorial comes up between jumps. It is repeatable from the trophy menu, and playable when it hasn't been earned yet
Tutorial trophy
Endurance trophy is now animated
Spoiler free, narrative content additions, accessed after selecting the group prom option: Scene 1-8, with a new trophy and theme
Day 4 Evening - Futa scene
Day 5 Morning - Futa scene
"Pheromone" scenes have been retooled as "Hormone Spray" scenes (mostly unchanged)
OLD corruption scenes have been removed from the game
The NEW format Emily corruption scenes 1 and 2 have been added, all animations have been rerendered with increase FPS

Cheerleader Emily scene leveled up - Requires Emily Affinity Zeta Level 1
Ashley and Melvin study scene - Requires Ashley Corruption Level 1 Can be accessed after a time jump with the "get confident" option, or after a jump where Ashley gained her corruption point selecting "Where's Ashley"
FUTA gym option - Requires FUTA options to be unlocked, and viewing the FUTA movie option (will require replaying the movie scene for returning players)
Futa is now a complete playable loop to prom, there is a check before the laundry event to turn Futa content on after gaining Emily's Lesbian Zeta 1
Rerendered Meiko's solo gym animation to get the frame rate up, it's quite smooth now
In-Game Previews


v0.7.0 Hotfix
7.29 GB
6.80 GB
You’re moving with your best friend to the city of Kredon, home to some of the best schools and universities in the country, to continue your studies. However, in Kredon, there’s only one thing everyone talks about: ETERNUM—the virtual, hyper-reality MMORPG game released a few years ago that revolutionized the world of technology.
With a neural implant that recreates the five senses, it becomes impossible to distinguish between the game and the real world.
Thousands of servers form the network of Eternum: from colorful, magic-filled fantasy worlds to foggy sci-fi cities, no world is beyond reach.
Nevertheless, looking beyond the surface, there's a darker side to this pretty facade: black markets, torture, rape, illegal content trafficking, unlawful assemblies, data theft… Eternum follows the rules of no man.
For some reason, governments turn a blind eye to this; there’s no regulation and no control. Some say it’s because the game is highly addictive, some say it’s because the market moves millions of dollars daily, some say those in power have been bribed, and others say… there’s something else going on.
And you? What’s your role in this story?
Well... That’s up to you now.
1375+ new images
50+ new animations
13900+ new lines of code
30+ new music tracks
105+ new sound effects
Several render and code fixes

v0.5 Public
1236+ new images
50+ new animations
12500+ new lines of code
29+ new music tracks
92+ new sound effects
New Eternum login animation
Several render and code fixes
In-Game Previews


Lucky Paradox
v0.9.2 Beta
8 GB
7.25 GB
English, Español
Welcome to Argleton, a charming city disconnected from the rest of the world, where you can relax, visit places of interest and meet its quirky inhabitants. You will be able to form relationships with different girls, follow their stories and live sexy moments.
v0.9.2f Public
200 - 240 min of New Content~
A New Prim H-Event Added to the Gallery
A New Charlotte H-Event Added to the Gallery (Charlotte x Sophia).
Two New Iris Barrie H-Event Added to the Gallery.
A New Juliette H-Event Added to the Gallery .
New Prim Huge Story Content - Main Story
New Charlotte Huge Story Content - Main Story
New Iris Barrie Huge Story Content - Side Story
A New Girl added to Social tab (Juliette)
Iris's Birthday added to the Calendar.
New Info added with Iris (Heights/Measures).
New Gallery Profile added - Iris Barrie
New Interaction with Iris at the room: "Talk" to progress her Side Story.
New Interaction with Iris go to the Nascita at Evening (Love).
New Interaction with Iris go to the Beach at Day (Love).
New Interaction with Iris go to the Hotsprings at Day (Lust).
Two New Costumes for Iris.
New Sound Effects and Music Themes.
New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Prim profile.
New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Charlotte profile.
New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Iris profile.
New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Sophia profile.
Some Buffs done to Liz Interaction (More Love!)
Some Buffs done to Sophia Interaction (More Love too!)
Some typos and text has been fixed
More bugs have been fixed

v0.9.0 Beta
210 - 240 min of New Content~
A New Yui H-Event Added to the Gallery (Cassie x Yui).
A New Yui H-Event Added to the Gallery (Yui x Kaede x Shizuka).
A New Luna H-Event Added to the Gallery.
A New Luna H-Event Added to the Gallery (Maxy x Luna).
New Yui Huge Story Content - Tournament Part II
New Luna Huge Story Content - Side Story
A New Girl for the Tournament Arc (Yaeko)
Tons of side characters added for the Tournament too!
A New Costume for Cassandra.
Luna's Birthday added to the Calendar.
New Info added with Luna (Heights/Measures).
New Interaction with Luna at the room: "Help" to progress her Side Story.
New Interaction with Luna at the Yorokobi at Night.
New Interaction with Luna at the Beach at Night.
New Perk with Luna - Tarot to Increase Love/Lust with some Girls.
Two New Costumes for Luna.
New Sound Effects and Music Themes.
New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Luna profile.
New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Yui profile.
Some typos and text has been fixed
More bugs have been fixed
A few Renders and typos were fixed from the Alpha
In-Game Previews