Who are you?

I'm Brazilian guy who wants to create his own heaven of links and a finger selected games. Or an empire, some day. (?)
It's all made by one person.

Why are you doing this?

For years now, I noticed a lack of quality in animations and games that has any kind of adult scene included. 
With this vision in mind, I preferred to create my own site for the distribution of, at least, good and awesome games with animations.

Of course I can miss a thing or two, but I'm very selective about these games.

I don't crack or leak any games by myself!
My work is to reunite all must-have mods  and compress them.
This site only provides sources that already exist on internet.

Which reasons are needed for a game to be in here?

The first and the main thing: animation.

Individually, I love to see a nice animation in any game, not necessarily adult's one.
A nice done animation shows a lot about the effort being delivered, so I prioritize these kind of Devs.

And my second one
: story and overall happiness.
Some games reached me like never before (and I'm not talking on THAT way).
They contain good characters, diverse personalities, incredible storytelling, and clearly, reasons for an adult scene to happen. 

Some of these ingredients are hard to find and mainly picked... or just good animations

As everyone knows, sometimes these adjectives mean nothing when all you want is to release some stress; that's why some games will just be a good fap material and nothing else. 

I hate this ADS/"Paywall" on each link.
Why keeping this @!#$?

As you probably noticed, I host my site in a blogspot low income address and still provide Google Drive and speedy download hosting for everyone. 
But this isn't free; at least not for me.

I really respect a costumer fapper and his ambition to find a nice game to play, and that's why I'm always helping everyone to get this as fast as you can.

Unfortunately, this type of service is unrentable and, until now, is not self-paying.
As you can see, even with incredible supporters (they saved this blog multiple times) I'm still losing money by doing it. But I love what I do, and always will.

And, as you can imagine, I keep some of the files, so rarely it gets lost forever.
Unfortunately, this demands a nice storage, something that 

I purchased two HD's only for storage.
If you have doubts, here's the freely space for each of these:
Only "C:" is for personal use.

But with ADS/"Paywall" - that takes you less than 10 seconds to pass - I can manage to get any kind of support keeping this up. 

If you think it's not fair, consider helping me on Patreon or Paypal.

It's just $1 (or more, if you want to). 
Services in Brazil are pretty bad and extremely expensive. Remember that I, unironically, live in a third-world country.

What's the difference between you and 'XXX' site? You all do the same, get fuc$#d!

You can say that and not be so wrong.
BUT I have my way to do it, so let me tell you about:

I spend days testing the game, gathering outside information, and preventing you the need of doing all of this just to get a single/multiple orgasms.

My updates are constantly and only done when strictly necessary so you don't have to lose time downloading 99 GBs of bug fixing.

Sometimes, I need to create my own gallery unlockers/save files, or rebuild existing ones. Farm some working and updated walkthroughs, as well.

Always mining bug fixes and extra contents from the community or even hidden files sent by the DEV on accident, all this done before launching the game;

Then, finally, compressing when possible, just to give you a slightly speedy download - I'm not a big fan of quality loss, so my compressions only affects the file's sizes itself and never the image/video resolution from a game.

I never saw a blogspot doing all this work, but 'massive content > handmade content', right? If it works, it works.