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A Petal Among Thorns
Remastered & Completed
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A Petal Among Thorns asks the question of whether you can indulge in the forbidden fruit without falling prey to the consequences of surrendering to something considers to be taboo.
You're a middle-aged man on a winter retreat with your daughter Petal after your failed comedy tour. A relaxing vacation soon presents new feelings of lust towards her. As she begins to show affection towards you in a more sexual manner, you begin to give in to her.
Can you find harmony in a physical relationship with your daughter or will complications arise to challenge your new bond with her?
Advice from RBF:
Although the game is tagged incest, the kink can be avoided by simply changing titles.
It was mean to be incest-only, but Patreon got him badly.
Here it is! The remastered version of A Petal Among Thorns. Petal's face has been redone so that the shape is less boxy and her eyes are more normal.
I've also recompiled all the animations so they look much better. There's a little extra something on the main page that is easy to find too.
Remastered Version
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Remastered Version
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