[Juicy Eliot] Juicy Futa [v0.21.0]


Juicy Futa
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Welcome to Juicy Island! Juicy Futa is an open-world visual novel/dating-sim, set in a jazzy, black and white atmosphere.
You are Eliot, a horny Futa time traveler who gets lost on a very special island. You are stuck in the past and need to find a way back to your time.
Immerse yourself in the life of the islanders, get to know them, gain their trust, become their friends and maybe more...
You will have to help people and please them if you want to go home!
50 sex scenes with around 130 hand drawn animations
23 characters to meet
23 achievements
Sex scenes : futaXfemale, maleXfuta, futaXmale, futaXfuta
Fetishes: anal, bdsm, feet play, rough sex, titfuck, blowjob, cuck, corruption, frottage, watersports, orgy, toys, public, milf, voyeurism, edging, threesome, Nyotaimori...
15 places to visit : bar, shoe shop, fruit shop, police station, restaurant, church, gym, beach, medical center, motorshop, library, tiki bar... and more!
Your own house. Get souvenirs from your conquest and friends to decorate your house.
Characters stats : mood, trust, lust, love… watch the characters you’re talking to react to what you’re saying.
A video gallery to watch the sex scenes as much as you want.
In-Game Previews

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