[Messman] The Pilgrimage [v1.9]


The Pilgrimage
2.68 GB
2.49 GB
Between her adventures with famous commander Tali Zorah went to her pilgrimage to help quarian Flotilla. What can goes wrong? Seems like everything.
Version 1.9
Good girl path:
1st scene - Tali making gift for red varren under tree.
2nd scene - with werewolf. I will be able to choose between vaginal and anal scenes.
3d scene - with Santa himself.
Final scene - big present from Santa (yahg).

Bad girl path:
1st scene - Santa punish Tali in sleds.
2nd scene - Scene with deer.
3d scene - facefuck from werewolf in case Tali lost the fight.
Final scene - another variant with deer.
Gameplay changes:
First suit damage stage in battle-fucks removed. Now helmet destroying after first enemy grab.
Added new fast travel point in vents – frogs hallway.
Turns right and left in vents now have more chances to face the event.
New medbay invasion mechanics. Now you can check special enemies status in medbay.
N/A – you didn’t find this enemy yet.
Alive – he just exists
Dead – never invade the medbay again
Hunting – will invade if turret heat 100 and you go rest.
P.S. If you killed apes once, they will be marked as “Dead” even if you fix the lock and left them in cage. I decide not change anything here, so just pretend that it some other apes to not limit content access.

Slugs game over+
To activate this part of the game, you need to make the slug grow twice. First time you will see old scene, second will start as usual but continue in another way.

Event separated on 3 main parts/days in circle, which are repeats until you decide to escape. Escaping available on second day, where you can check the location with usual clicking. Just win the easy fight with slug. In case of losing the fight – event just continues. The event has two variations for each day depends on lewd level – but for now the border is 50. It means you will have different scenes for Tali’s lewd level less or more 50. I will add more, if you like the idea.
Day 1 – Shepards or Grunt will visit Tali in engine room. First scene is demonstration. First time you will not able to choose between illusion and reality. If you repeat game over+ event after – option to switch will be available.
Day 2 – Tali will wake up in Shepard cabin or in bar depends on lewd level.
Day 3 – Scene in shuttle. Depends on lewd level it will be scene with Shepard and Jack or with krogans.
Every day have 4 different scenes, including slug variant.

Other content:
New slug scene. Another variant for previous scene made for launching the game over event. It will happen each second time.
New scene for vorchas in party restroom. Now Tali can try to fight. And get the scene in case of lose.
AMI alternative scenes for egg removal procedure. There are 2 variants – for anal/vaginal and oral action.
Tentacle pit in vents. This event has variations for all suit conditions and final scene. After each scene suit will be damaged. Final scene will not move Tali from vents, you can just continue crawling.
Frogs scene in corridor. Now on exit from room with dead merc you can choose to fight. This is standard boss fight.
Frogs game over. You need to lose previous battle twice to get this scene.
Asari futa scene in locker room. I made the possibility to choose between old scene and new one when Tali come to locker room and talk with Jesora.
Red varren shower event. Contains 2 scenes for lewd > 50. To activate it you must first “play” with varren in Bay 1 location. After just wait 3 days and use shower. Event repeatable, but red varren must stay alive.
AMI futa scene in lab. Now you can download the program from terminal in dead merc room. Talk with AMI and choose to use the program, then just rest in lab. Nuyn must be out of lab to trigger this scene.
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