[SmutCube] Fuck Nights At Fredrika‘s [v0.19]


Fuck Nights At Fredrika's
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F#&!NAF, or Fuck Nights at Fredrika's is a pornographic parody of the first Five Nights At Freddy's game.
The objective of the game is to keep yourself safe from animatronics with malfunctioning AI.

Added a new maledom scene for Springtrap:
Buy the new handcuffs item from Mangles shop and click them as Springtrap approaches you to trigger a new scene.
Springtrap's strapon has been remodeled to improve the look as well as facilitate the maledom scene

Added new items to mangle's shop:
Now you can buy Handcuffs, a photo, and a poster for Springtrap, as well as an Energy Meter, Batteries, and Wall Shelves
The energy meter tracks the current power level of the office, batteries are a consumable that will recharge the office power to 100%

Overhauled the camera:
The camera controls have been changed so that they are much more intuitive to use and consistent across all areas where "free cam" is available (Game over scenes, the toybox, and desk setup).
Hold the right mouse button down to enable camera movement, then press the WASDQE keys to move the camera, clicking on a character's head, boobs, hands, or hips will cause the camera to orbit around the clicked body part.
Game over scenes now have a menu that allows you to select a camera position from a list instead of having to iterate through all of them
The ability to lock on and rotate the camera is available in PoV modes as well.

Overhauled the toybox:
The toybox has been overhauled with many functions to make it more intuitive.
Toys can now be bought or rented, buying a toy allows it to be spawned for free from your inventory, renting it is only 1/10th the price but the toy can only be spawned once.
Toys are now managed by clicking and dragging icons where you want them to go: dragging an icon from the shop to the inventory buys the toy, dragging it from the shop or inventory to the ground spawns it, dragging it from the ground to another spot moves it.
When moving or placing toys (or groups of toys) a new transform gizmo will appear to allow you to make adjustments to toy positions
Sex scenes are much easier to setup, you can either use a "Sex Scene" window which holds a list of all sex scenes, or you can right click and select "Fuck" on a toy to see what other toys they have a scene with, or select "Join" to have another toy join an existing group.
All sex bots now have a PoV option which allows you to see from their point of view
Starting animations for Meatsack and the sex bots have been normalized so that they always start with a standing idle animation, Meatsack has received two new animations for this purpose
Meatsack + Chair has been removed, its existence was due to a sub-optimal design made long ago, the animations involved have been corrected so that meatsack can now play the Chica and Puppet animations without needing to be glued to the chair.

Overhauled the desk setup:
The desk setup has received many of the same improvements the toybox has, furniture items are now held in an inventory and can be placed by dragging and dropping them.
Furniture items can now be placed anywhere in the office, posters can be placed on the desk, desk items can be placed on the wall, you can even place things on the floor if you want.
Wall shelves can be placed on the wall to give extra space to place items.
Some items can now be purchased multiple times, you may have up to 3 of each dildo, 5 batteries, and 2 wall shelves

Overhauled the save system:
Saves are now stored in files under SaveData in the appdata Folder this will allow saves to be transferred between computers by simply transferring the files
Run "%appdata%\..\LocalLow\DefaultCompany\FNAF\SaveData\" to find them, move them to the same folder on a different computer to transfer a save or copy them to make a back up
They are obfuscated but not encrypted, the obfuscation method is identifiable and easily reversable to someone who knows what they're doing, if you don't know what you're doing DO NOT try to open or modify them, you can lose your save and I will not help you
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