[Zell23] Succubus Affection [Kagura Version]

All taken from the repack:

Succubus Affection

99% Uncensored
Size Compacted: 300 MB | Extracted: 1,69 GB
Language: English & Japanese

Disclaimer: Everyone on this game is +18.
I don't take any responsibility on what you are thinking.

In a world of human-like monsters, a young man lives in a quiet, remote village with his sister. However, he is attacked by monsters when he leaves the village. Now he works hard to become stronger so he no longer burdens his sister.

Tips & Strategy:

Panties and Unique Interactions:
It is possible to receive panties, which give stats like equipment, from five NPCs currently.
They are: Leannya, Irys, Lisa Shannon, and Selma. Other NPCs do not currently give you anything nor have unique dialogue/interactions for bond level.
You can, however, re-fight all of the bosses and the fight will be different and more difficult from the second fight onward.
Essentially, the first fight is the “easy” mode.

Leannya – Raise her bond to level 15, fucking her days in a row. Speak with her and then a cutscene will start.
Don't keep her in your team while doing it (not confirmed, but only worked for me fucking her at the store).

Irys – Masturbate in front of her for a few days in a row, making sure to sleep only when the meter is 100/100.
To receive her panties, you must defeat her a second time in battle.

Lisa – Defeat her a second time in battle and you will receive her panties. A new sex scene occurs at this event.

Shannon – After receiving panties from Leannya (unconfirmed) you must masturbate in front of her for a few days in a row, making sure to sleep only when the meter is 100/100.
After a few days, speak to her. If she’s not in the store that day, she will be in her home on the right side of the farm.

Selma – Masturbate in front of her for a few days in a row, making sure to sleep when the meter is 100/100.
After receiving panties from everyone else, (again, unconfirmed) simply speak with her and you will receive her panties.
If she is not on the Farm, she can be found in her home on the left side of the Farm, or in Leannya’s store.

Masturbating in front of Leannya, Shannon, and Irys is also how you unlock their respective animations and can have sex with them whenever you want.
These are separate scenes from the ones where you receive their panties.

• You can change the transparency of the main character or certain parts of girls during some animations by pressing/holding A/S on the keyboard.
• The Golem will restart sex on her own if you press up after and wait.
• Some animations continue on their own without requiring you to press down. Some examples are the Angels, Ice Dragons, and Lisa.
• There are a few fake walls that can be revealed by attacking them. Most of them are located on Mt. Trilly.
• There are three slime girls that are slightly transparent.
• You can damage the clothing of some girls so that they’re nude and it will be reflected in their sex animations.
• NPCs you can speak to have different dialogue depending on how far along you are in the story.
• This is probably unintended, but when you re-battle a boss, sometimes their bond level is reset to 0. The sex skill is kept, however, so it’s trivial to raise it again.

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