[ILLUSION] I am the Hero

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I'm the Hero
Size: Compacted: 2,41 GB
Language: English & Japanese
Disclaimer: Everyone on this game is +18.
I don't take any responsibility on what you are thinking.

Choosing between girls
The h-scenes are, aside from some foreplay scenes, non-interactive. The story advances while the animations are played.
Each chapter you can choose between Yuna and Kuu. During the h-scenes you can sometimes choose between:
Cum Inside Cum Inside
Cum Outside Cum Outside
There are always 3 different positions per chapter.
You can always skip the h-scene by pressing End H Scene in the bottom left corner.

Here you can rewatch the active and passive story scenes. To unlock the active onces you have to cum wile playing them in story line.
Translated Free H Screen
On the Free H screen you can choose the location, your partner, the clothing and whether you want to have Yuna's or Kuu's position on this location. It is not possible to switch positions between the locations (e.g. you can't have the positions from the beach in the classroom).
Upper navigation bar from left to right

Active H ModeActive H Scenes
H RecollectionH Recollection
Free ModeFree Mode
BackBack to Title Screen

H Scene with Overlay
During the h scenes you will have the following buttons available:
Bottom right - vertical from the top to the bottom (ONLY FREE MODE)
Change clothing Change clothing
Change time Change time
Change position Change position
Bottom right - horizontal from left to right

Cum Cum
Cum inside Cum inside
Cum outside Cum outside
Switch to dildo Switch to dildo
Switch to player Switch to player
Previous animation Previous animation
Start Start
Stop Stop
Next Animation Next animation
End SessionEnd session
Orgasm GirlOrgasm GaugeOrgasm Man


Menu Diamond

During active H scenes you will see the menu diamond in the upper left corner. The menus are as followed (clockwise and from top to bottom)
Picture of the girl (left-klick)
Eye FixationThe girl looks into the camera
Head FixationThe girl turns her head to the camera
Enable Squirting Enable Squirting
Disable Squirting Disable Squirting
Enable Peeing Enable Peeing
Disable Peeing Disable Peeing
Enable Lactation Enable Lactation
Disable Lactation Disable Lactation
Picture of the girl (right-klick) (Only 3P)
Camera Symbol
Camera: FaceCenter the camera on the girl's face
Camera: BreastsCenter the camera on the girl's breasts
Camera: CrotchCenter the camera on the girl's crotch
Reset CameraReset the camera position
Rotate CameraAuto-rotate the camera
Stop RotationStop the auto-rotation of the camera
Folder Symbol
ConfigurationOpen the config menu
Title MenuReturn to the main menu
Quit GameQuit the game
Scene SelectionReturn to the scene selection (only in memory mode)

Remove clothesRemove the costume

Put clothes back onPut the costume back on

Pull panties asidePull panties aside
Remove PantiesRemove panties
Put panties back onPut panties back on
Pull up braPull up bra
Remove braRemove bra
Put bra back onPut bra back on
Expose naughty bitsExpose naughty bits

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