[REAL] Itazura Musume


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Itazura Musume
Size: Compacted: 1,44 GB
Language: English & Japanese
Disclaimer: Everyone on this game is +18.
I don't take any responsibility on what you are thinking.

Good ending with the milf
Don't hurt the twins, means do not have sex with them. Reload savefile and change the option if a sex scene have started. The twins erotic practical knowledge while the story (the automatic one) have no negative effect.
Additional information: Kuroihi said that this ending will still happen if you have sex with the twins, but I can only recommend not to do this or only few time, not every time.

Good ending with the twins
Try to have a good time (also always have sex with her) with one of the twins and go to every place if they ask or if they want to do something special.

Bad Ending
Deny the sex option with the milf while summer festival at night. Or while the story the twins ask you to go to summer festival, if you deny it, the bad ending begins.

Bad Ending Story Summary
Shooting sexy poses of one of the girls (who was selected first), showing the photos to the fat chikan, he want more, MC shoot nude photos, show it the fat Chikan again and than he want to fuck her.

After refusing to go to the festival, one of his clients from his magazine department dropped them or something so his wage got cut, but not fired.

He needs money and he sees that they are looking for some gravure idol shots in his department.

He isn't showing the pictures to the fat chikan, he's showing them to a co-worker in his magazine department because they are in need of a gravure idol for the next magazine.

He takes the park pictures to try to get that prize money for the shots. The co-worker then says they'll pay more for nude shots (at this point he's talking about underground stuff) so the dad takes the naked pictures. The co-worker says if he can get ahold of a porn video with the girl of your choice (not knowing that they are his daughters) and telling him the pay is 10 million yen. The guy never asks for sex but he said he was interested as the male role but that he's scared it could lead back to him.

The reason the fat chikan comes in is because the co-working now asked for a gangbang video. Of course the dad can't say "that's not possible, since i'm the only person in the video". He goes out and thinks about what to do. He happens to go out to the park and sees the fat chikan by chance and tells him things are different and tells him that he can have sex with his daughter.
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