[REAL] Custom AIDroid

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Custom AI-Droid
Size Compacted: 1,65 GB
Language: English & Japanese

Disclaimer: Everyone on this game is +18.
I don't take any responsibility on what you are thinking.

Playing the Game
Throughout the story, events will take place where you would perform new H actions to her (which unlocks it for the rest of the story mode and for Free Mode) and will result in her Heart meter to drop to zero. This is normal, as it is part of the story (if you can understand the Japanese, you will know that she is angry at the protagonist).

As the purpose of the game is to train AI with everyday activities such as Cleaning and Cooking, and eventually with H. Doing so will unlock more daily activities and H actions in which AI can perform. Performing activities while AI's mood is positive will give better results and increase more for her Green/Intelligence, Blue/Feeling and Red/Skillfulness bars, which are required to advance through the story and unlocking specific H actions. The amount of progress on each bar depends on the result of each training (Fail, Normal, Good), and the chance of those happening are affected by her mood:

Low (about 0%~30%) => Angry with you Mid => Just okay High (from around 70%) => Very happy with you

The higher her mood is, the higher the chance that she will do well on each training, adding much more progress on the progress bar. Vice versa, if she is angry with you, higher chance that she will fail, only adding a little to the progress bar.

During gameplay, camera movement is possible. By using the Mouse Wheel, it is possible to zoom in and zoom out while holding the right button will allow for 3D displacement of the camera in a spherical manner. Holding the right and left buttons will allow for camera displacement horizontally and vertically.

The Day
Fast Forward Arrow
When turned on (red rim on the box) it will not play out Household chores or H actions while still adding the relevant stat bonus for doing it. NOTE: although it grants the relevant stat bonus, it does not fulfill Mastering requirements.

Will advance the time of day without doing anything the the specified time frame.

Conversation options which can be used to improve AI's Heart meter. The conversation will NOT advance to the next time slot and the amounts of conversations you can have with AI will depend on her mood. Possible conversation options include:

You are looking in good shape!: Will result in the Heart meter to increase.
Reach Your Goal: When AI's mood is in NEUTRAL or ANGRY, it will lower the heart meter. In the LOVING mood, it will increase the Heart meter.
Do your best!: When AI's mood is in NEUTRAL or LOVING, it will increase the Heart meter. In the ANGRY mood, it will result in no change in the Heart meter.
(さっきは凄かったね): Decision based conversation. Choosing (褒める) will praise her and cause her Heart meter to increase. Choosing (けなす) will criticize her and will result in the Heart meter to decrease.
(さっきは上手くできたね): Decision based conversation. Choosing (褒める) will praise her and cause her Heart meter to increase. Choosing (けなす) will criticize her and will result in the Heart meter to decrease.
(さっきはダメだったね): Decision based conversation. In the LOVING mood, it will increase the Heart meter no matter which option you choose. In NEUTRAL or ANGRY, choosing (褒める) will praise her and cause her Heart meter to increase. Choosing (けなす) will criticize her and will result in the Heart meter to decrease.
(こんな提案を……): Available mostly when AI's mood is NEUTRAL or LOVING and after performing daily activities numerous times, this option unlocks a new daily activity which AI can perform.

Will advance the time of day without doing anything the the specified time frame.

Choose a location to do H. Choosing this option will move to the next time slot.

NOTE:It is possible to Save the Game during conversations between the protagonist and AI by right clicking. This includes in conversations in which you have to make decisions except during actual gameplay.

Daily Activities
Available actions AI can perform to advance to the next time slot, increase her mood and her progress bars (Green/Intelligence, Blue/Feeling, Red/Skillfulness).
In the beginning of the game, it is only possible to choose between four options. As AI performs some of the activities, more activities are unlocked by the Bonding option (こんな提案を……). Mastering these activities will unlock H actions in which AI can perform and possible locations in which H can be performed. Pressing the P key on the keyboard will make a capture of the current action. Pressing the X while AI is performing an activity will hide all the menus and icons; to show the menus and icons again, click on an area where an icon would be located if it was not hidden.

Selecting Watch her read, Watch her clean and Watch her cook will unlock Watch her doing yoga, Watch her sitting and Watch her riding while her progress bar keeps completing in the process, while selecting Watch her napping will unlock Watch her sleep. During an activity session, it is possible to grope AI. Doing so and making her climax counts towards a requirement to Mastering the activity and it will automatically end the session. Performing certain activities approximately 10 times unlocks a new activity, while making AI climax approximately 10 times will make her Master the activity and unlock H actions. Depending on AI's mood it will make her climax faster and without shaking you off. The better the mood, the faster you can make AI climax. If doing so does not unlock anything, it is possible that you are too early in the story or do not have enough progress bar fulfillment to unlock such action. NOTE: Some story events and progress bar completition are necessary to unlock some H actions. This can be bypassed by reaching the last chapter of the story (which is right after AI masturbates in front of the protagonist and they both confess to each other) and maximizing all the progress bars while making sure AI does not have a full Heart meter, since reaching a full Heart meter will trigger the ending.

During the H activity, three different types of options are available: Groping, Sex and Foreplay. For each of the possible options, different positions are available which are unlocked via Daily Activities and Storyline Events. It is also good to know that H activities will increase all three of her progress bars and will affect he Heart meter depending on her mood.

Play Arrow
When activated (red rim around the box), it will have the game do the ACTION on its own, allowing for free control of the camera. Having the PLAY arrow on will not cause for neither AI or the protagonist to finish. To finish, click on the Finish bar or end the arrow and click on the ACTION circle. It is possible to have the PLAY arrow activated and hide all the menus and icons for better view of the action.

Action Circle
During FOREPLAY, clicking on the ACTION button will have different actions between AI and the protagonist. Right clicking, left clicking and holding the left button while clicking the mouse wheel will result in different actions.
During SEX, right clicking and left clicking on the ACTION circle will result in different strokes. Right timing when switching from right clicks and left clicks will result in different strength of the strokes.

Changes the view of the camera automatically.

Protagonist tells AI the statement, while AI answers back. It works to change her expressions temporarily.
It is possible to dress and undress the protagonist with this option. (【服】と【靴】は身につける) dresses the protagonist while (【裸】になる) undresses the protagonist.

Dress and Undress AI. Choosing (全て着させる) will dress AI completely while (全て脱がせる) will undress AI completely. To dress or undress specific parts, choose among the other options.

Changes sex positions.

Changes fondling positions.

Change between the foreplay actions.

Only available in free Play Mode. Changes the time setting.

End Session or change the location. If H resulted at a night, morning or storyline event, it is only possible to end the session.

Lets you chose options for having AI(イカせてあげるよ) or the protagonist climax manually once their arousal is at max. If AI's and the protagonist's arousal is at max, it is possible to choose between climax together(このまま一緒にっ!) or have the protagonist ejaculate outside(外に出すから一緒にっ!). It also includes the option to Cool Down the protagonist(我慢する ).

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