[ILLUSION] Artificial Girl 3

All taken from the repack:

Artificial Girl 3
人工少女 3
Size: Compacted: 4,35 GB
Language: English & Japanese

Disclaimer: Everyone on this game is +18.
I don't take any responsibility on what you are thinking.

Q: Will this game works on Windows 10?
A: Yeah, for sure. Just uses the .dll thing on the folder. Drag & drops in the Artificial Girl 3 folder.
And, for the japanese, you can use Locale Emulator.

ESC Key: Quit menu.

F1: Configuration menu
1: Toggle your character
2: Toggle your penis
3: Toggle your clothes
4: Toggle environment (to make it easier to locate girls)
5: Toggle hand/lip icons
6: Toggle camera center reticle on/off
7: Toggle display of girls' state/location icons
8: Toggle exclamation mark above your character's head

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