[ILLUSION] Musumakeup

All taken from the repack:


Size: Compacted: 2,43 GB
Language: English & Japanese

Disclaimer: Everyone on this game is +18.
I don't take any responsibility on what you are thinking.

1 - Toggle Backgrounds on/off
2 - Toggle camera obstruction on/off (The 'skeleton' of the backdrop, so to say)
3 - Toggle zoom indicator (the 'plus' sign you see when you attempt to zoom)
4 - Toggle shadows on/off
5 - Toggle "mushroom" on/off
6 - Toggle male (normal, transparent, off)
7 - Toggle girl's eyebrow (to pop through hair manga-style or not)

Q - Focus face
W - Focus chest
E - Focus butt
R - Reset camera
A - Change movement
S - Change position
D - Change position
F - Change spot

Z - Cum inside
X - Cum outside
C - Female orgasm
V - Cum together
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