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4.56 GB
4.14 GB
English , Español , Deutsch, Polski, Français, Русский, Čeština
We all know the story: Hero emerges from humble beginnings, slays the tyrannical dragon, and ushers in a new era of peace and prosperity. But here, it's the other way around. Ravager is a game where you play a young dragon, determined to reclaim their birthright. To do so, you will need to build your power, ally with dark forces, evade justice, and whet your bestial appetites. The game currently spans the first four acts of the story: from your birth to your assault on the capital. It has a nonlinear plot, with many significant choices to make (and fun to have) along the way.

Dev Notes Act V Features
Animation: Animated idles for nude Chia (eight variants, Amon Ra).
Music: A new theme for the palace (Exo Spectra).
Sound: Goopy foley has been added to Chia’s snuggles at the end of Chapter One, and Enid’s Act V scenes (GreyScale).
Voice: The dragon’s part in Maelys & Malice’s “Hard Reset” scene (GreyScale).
Voice: Marie-Anne’s palace introduction, and various conversational options (Marina Montague).
Voice: Naho’s dungeon chat about manners (Marina Montague).

Act I-IV Features
Consort: Valzira becomes our latest consort option, if you have broken her (thirteen skits, Dreamweaver choice, collab with DoItToJulia).
Scene: Mina gets damaged in transit (Dreamweaver choice, collab with Mattrex).
Scene: You may celebrate Valzira’s pregnancy announcement together if she is broken.
Dynamic: Mina becomes our newest candidate for Breaker’s HR services (Dreamweaver choice, collab with Mattrex).
Dynamic: New interactions and paizuri scene dialogue for broken Mina.
Art: Maelys’s kobold fate (two variants, six images, Lubbio).
Art: Mina’s breaking (eleven images, Lubbio).
Art: Mina’s infernal fate (six images, Lubbio).
Art: Sabetha & Inej’s mercenary fate (eight images, Lubbio).
Art: Pregnant variants for Valzira’s broken scenes (ten images, Lubbio).
Art: Bound emotes for Mina (nine images, Irrelevant Art).
Art: Broken Mina (Irrelevant Art).
Animation: Happy animated idles for Adeline (three variants, Amon Ra).
Sound: Goopy foley has been added to Chanwe’s infernal fate, Maelys’s kobold fate, Marie-Anne’s mercenary fate, and Sabinej’s mercenary fate (GreyScale and Stuke).
Sound: Foley for claws, chains, hammers, and some extra gorey effects have been added in various places (GreyScale).
Voice: Adeline’s responses to initial name choices (Marina Montague).
Voice: Malice’s part in her experiment with Malagar (all four variants, Nyono).
Voice: Marie-Anne’s consort last night interruption (Marina Montague).
Gallery: Maelys’s kobold fate, Mina's infernal fate, Mina's breaking, and Sabinej's mercenary fate have been added to the gallery (Tosk).
Achievement: The ‘Waifu Pillow, 50% Off’ and ‘Pet Cactus’ achievements have been added (Tosk).

Harem members will more consistently follow the convention of initially appearing on the right of the screen.
Harem members will more consistently move to the centre of the screen immediately prior to fun sexy times.
You may no longer intentionally kill Issa while he is serving as your kobold general.
‘Broken’ Mina will be temporarily treated as ‘happy’ in Act V until proper variations have been created for her.
Visual direction for Mina’s coerced paizuri has been improved.
If Valzira is broken when finding out about her pregnancy, your available options are expanded.
If Valzira is not broken when finding out about her pregnancy, temporary art has been added for the ensuing scenes.
A one-night delay has been added between impregnating an elf and having the results made apparent.
The ‘Mute All’ function also applies to the dragon’s voice, and your volume setting for the dragon’s voice is remembered (HereToHelp).

Cooch will actually appear on screen when revisiting her in Act V.
An incorrect voiceline has been fixed in Mina’s bathhouse scene.
Talking with Marie-Anne while she is broken will no longer occasionally drop you into her happy interaction menu.
Mina’s pre-boink negotiations more accurately reflect your history together.
Naho’s scenes will no longer sometimes overflow into one another. Whoops.
Sabetha will put her clothes back on again (boo) after her bathhouse skit.
Several typos have been corrected.
And everything found in playtesting. Thank you, playtesting team!
In-Game Previews

Windows (.EXE) Android (.APK)

Projekt: Passion
Season 1
1.88 GB
1.72 GB
Season 2
2.26 GB
2.13 GB
Earth has long since been abandoned, and what remains of humanity is nowspread out across the galaxy.
So what happened at Earth? That part ofhistory has long since been lost to obscurity. But what do you care?
You have your own problems to deal with.

You've just survived an assassination attempt at the cost of your apartment. Sounds like any other day of the week, right? Right, only this time your partner has mysteriously vanished as well, and it's your duty to find out where she went! Word of warning: the answer may lead to... bigger adventures than you'd planned for. Better pack an extra lunch.
- Continuation of the story
- 888 new renders
- 11 new lewd animations
- 6 new achievements
- More words and stuff
In-Game Previews
Made by the Dev

Season 1 (v0.7) (.EXE version) Season 1 (v0.7) (.APK version)
Season 2 (v0.9) (.EXE version) Season 2 (v0.9) (.APK version)

Klee Prank Adventure
3.40 GB
3.24 GB
Jean has grounded Klee for the last time! Join our protagonist in Mondstadt as she pranks Jean and the other Genshin girls - with a variety of lewd outcomes!

Hot Springs:
'THE FINALE!!!' ADDED, WITH 10 AREAS, 22+ ANIMATED SCENES + CUMSHOT CACOPHONY! (Includes every Mondstadt/Liyue/Inazuma girl you've unlocked)
Ending Sequence, Credits and Aftermath added
Kujou Sara added to Hotsprings
Talk to Sara (Tic-Tac-Toe) added
Attack Sara (Rude Awakening) added
Ei reworked w/ new Model and attack (the ol' one two) added
Keqing new Model and attack CG added
Fischl new Model and attack CG added

Message for the Shogun (Lift up 1) added
Message from the Shogun (Lift up 2) + Polaroid added

Mona's Cottage:
Mona Bunny Suit Outfit added
Talk to Mona Bunny Suit (Dodoco says...) added
Mona Bunny Suit ANIMATED Random Event (It's in my hair) added

Adventurer's Guild:
Add Ei to Hotsprings (See-Thru-Shard) reworked

Comfy Room:
Lumine static image replaced w/animation

3 new Finale voice lines added
Dion's Bonus (13 unused images) added to Cauldron (after completion)
Prank List + Co-Op prank list GUI added, click on the Prank-o-Meter at any time to check your progress!
Renamed all Co-Op pranks
Added a notification whenever a girl's title changes
Selectable Main Screen added (after completion)
FAQ added to main menu (after completion)

Notifications fixed
Ei Footjob added to Man's Bonus
Pump Room music bug fixed
Hu Tao Outfit bug fixed

In-Game Previews

Win Version (.EXE) MAC Version (.APP) Android Version (.APK)
Maeve's Academy
487 MB
372 MB
Meave's Academy is a visual novel sandbox, set in the world inside a magical realm. You take the role as the first ever man to step foot foot inside the magic realm, with you and your best friend enrolling inside H.G Academy. Everyone inside the realm are women, and have never even seen or heard what a man even is, will you be the one teaching them? As you enroll in the academy, you will come to learn that it is mostly empty, with a few staff and even fewer students. With magic being considered outdated, and on the decline, it will be up to you and your headmistress to restore the academy back to its glory days.​
In-Game Previews